Monday, January 12, 2009

Contemporary Topics in GP

  • What do scientists do?
  • How does science affect society?
  • What makes a humane society?
  • Should the punishment fit the crime?
  • Is it nature or nurture that best explains human behaviour?
  • Where do our values and opinions come from?
  • Mass media; representation or reality?
  • Do the arts challenge or reflect society?
  • Is your country really a democracy?
  • Does the world have to change?
  • How do new ideas come about?
  • How have inventions affected society?
  • How do changes in social attitude come about?
  • How and why do we measure change in society?
  • Do we need religious beliefs?
  • Should everyone have the same moral responsibilities?
  • How do we decide what is right and wrong?
  • Why do people do what they do?
  • How should art be valued?

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