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Working the Application Question. A working template.

Part 1

Topic sentence. (for relevance)

In Passage A/B , lines (x to xx), (writer's name) raised the point that / stated that / asserted that .. (write the writer's point you have chosen to discuss in your own words; you can quote " ---- ").


According to (writer's name) / Passage A/B, …

Part 2

Your view

(to meet the requirements)

In my opinion/ My view on this is that/ I am inclined to think that …

(State whether you agree or disagree with the writer and: how far you agree/disagree with the view in sentence 1).


NB: A view can be (in)valid, (un)true, (in)applicable, (ir)relevant, (in) correct, (in)appropriate depending on v/hen and where it is ' said/applied and who said/applied it …

Part 3

Reasons (explanation)

  • This is because...
  • One reason for this is
  • My justification for this is that ...
  • One evident reason/explanation is ...

Part 4

Evidence (explanation)

  • For example,...
  • This can be seen in Singapore when...
  • From my observation of Singapore society,...
  • From my own experience, I
  • One evidence of this is ...
  • One evidence I can cite is ...

You may cite current evidence or /past evidence as long as it meets the question requirements.

If the question require you to discuss the FUTURE, state the current situation and predict from this current situation, what will happen in the future. Use the following:

  • Considering the current situation, a future scenario that can , be projected is ...
  • In light of the present situation, a likely , consequence/ effect/ scenario/ situation is …
  • We can hypothesize that in the future,

Part 5 Evaluation (Opposing View)

Do not disagree/agree totally; i.e. Do not take an extreme stand. : Agree to some extent with the opposite view. State when the opposing view may be right wrong.


  • On the other hand, ...
  • However, some people may agree/disagree with the writer the view mentioned, in that they think ...
  • Otherwise, a contrasting opinion is that
  • In contrast, it can be said that
  • An alternative opinion is

Part 6 Consolidate (Reasons why your original stand, Use expressions like: you adhere to your own view)

Explain why despite the alternative or opposing view, you still stick by your original stand. Use expressions like:


  • However, I still hold that (repeat original stand) because it holds greater truth/ we see more evidence of it today/ it is a more likely scenario considering the current situation/ …
  • Despite this, I still think that (repeat original stand) because
  • I maintain my opinion that (repeat original stand) as
  • In my view...




What do examiners look for in an answer? Is, 2s, 3s and 4s.


1. A systematic reference to the basic requirements of the question.


2. A strong EXPLANATION which demonstrates good understanding of tenns and issues, including elaboration and support through personal insight and appropriate examples.


3. A convincing EVALUATION (logical judgements and decisions).


4. Good COHERENCE and organisation. (ideas are well-connected)


Note: Good answers would also be BALANCED (which can be interpreted in two ways:

a) Both sides of an argument are explored;

b) All parts of the question are given sufficient attention.


  1. A Template (What a paragraph should look like)


1. Requirements

a. Main Sentence/ Idea (identified from the passage).

b. Your view.

2. Explanation

c. Reasons to support your view.

d. Evidence from our count or personal experience.


e. Looking from another perspective/ Opposing View come (Why' some people might disagree with your view.)

f. Reasons and evidence for the opposing view

3. Evaluation

g. Putting it together -reasons why you stick to your original view rather than the opposing view.


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